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Ardisam Repair Parts

Earthquake Auger Repairs!

Buy Earthquake auger repair parts and get that old auger running again fast!

Earth augers can really take a beating on any job site out there. Ardisam Earthquake dirt augers are built tough, but even the normal daily wear and tear will take a toll on the overall components of the soil auger. Dull auger blades jammed gearboxes, and bent handles are common issues you may encounter. Simply buying repair parts can save you lots of money in a new auger purchase. Another common call we get is for gas engines. Ardisam makes quality engines for sure, but with time all engines wear out. Just changing out your auger-mounted engine can bolt in place and get you running again in no time.

The engine health of your Ardisam auger is important as well. Many Ardisam engines that are direct drive have connected directly to the equipment gearbox. There is never a need to buy a new motor, costing a lot of money when an inexpensive carburetor or air filter can fix the issue. Call in now to speak with one of our gas engine technicians to find out more.

Earthquake Generator Parts!

Great for home back up power protection and even contractors on job sites too!

There is nothing better than having portable electric power available where and when you need it. There is nothing worse than losing critically needed power and not having a generator to plug into fast to get power. Most every time this happens you can know and trust owning an Earthquake Ardisam generator will be there to provide the electrical power when you need it. Always keep an eye on the health of your generator to check and test start it 2 – 4 times annually. General maintenance like oil checks and gas change-outs always is a good idea.

When the weather is cold it might be a bit harder to get started. Be sure to treat or empty your gas if long-term storage is needed for your generator. Remember when selecting the correct generator for your needs to properly do the correct math on the needed wattage or amperage for all of your electrical applications.

The Ardisam Company History

Ardisam as a company is based on the love of outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for hunting, fishing, growing, and raising their own food. Ardisam Earthquake offers many popular seasonal outdoor products to choose from. The employees at Ardisam help and develop the entire lifecycle of Ardisam products. They specialize in concepts, designing, sourcing, manufacturing, and customer service. The best part is that Ardisam employees use the very same products they make in their day-to-day life and they want all of their customers to be satisfied with the performance of these products too.

Today Ardisam continues to build a reputation of offering its customers one of the biggest outdoor living product lines available today from just one company. Ardisam features over 200 products under various brand names that are industry respected and relied upon in their markets. Some of these popular brand names include Barronett Blinds, Cage Blinds, Castle Stoves, Earthquake, Eskimo, Fusion, Gazelle Tents, ION, Rivers Edge, Tazz, Yardbird, and Yutrax just to name a few. Ardisam sells its products at home improvement stores, specialty outlets, and outdoor solution providers all over the world.

There is always something new going on at the Ardisam Company. They continually enhance their market value position by acquiring new brands that extend their global reach, add unique product lines and broaden their distribution locations worldwide. They also continue to develop and introduce new and innovative products for the outdoor enthusiasts in all target markets to get the job done faster and at the same time saving time and money. Customer Service and tech support are key fundamentals of any business and Ardisam is a champion in doing that while supplying the quality service that customers expect and deserve.

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